Isaiah Rashad, a US rapper, talks about his leaked s3x tape with two other men during his Coachella performance.

Isaiah Rashad, an American rapper, addressed his leaked sex tape during his Coachella performance.

Isaiah Joel McClain, a 30-year-old hip-hop artist, had a sex tape revealed in February that showed him engaged in sex acts with two guys.

Before his set, Rashad’s intro video featured other rappers like The Game and Joe Budden reacting to the video and expressing their support for him, followed by a number of clips of various music pundits discussing the tape, with one wondering what it will do to his career, while another insists, ‘it’s not going to do nothing to his career,’ and another adding it was ‘f***ed up that it happened to him.’

‘The aim of doing it was to embarrass him, but it backfired,’ said another. His dreams and everything went up when his video leaked, and now he’s on the charts.

‘N****s be like “Yo Rashad, he doing this, he doing that,”‘ The Game said in another video. ‘Bro, why are you so concerned with what another man is doing?’

‘I’m straight, and he might go in a different direction, so go that way.’ That doesn’t make me any less of a man,’ one rapper said, adding that he’s delighted Isaiah can finally be himself.

Another individual says in the video that it depends on how Rashad reacts to it.’

The audience applauded the rapper as he thanked everyone for their support over the last few months during a break between songs near the end of his set.

Before returning to his set, Rashad added, “I saw all the messages and all that s**t, all the encouragement… Y’all kept me alive these last couple months.”

During his concert, he was also seen with tears flowing down his cheeks while performing his song Wat’s Wrong.

He made his first public appearance since the tape was revealed in February at Coachella.

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