“It was a morally poor move,” Elon Musk says of Twitter’s ban on Donald Trump.

Elon Musk has stated that he will lift the ban on former President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Twitter’s soon-to-be owner lambasted the microblogging platform for permanently suspending Trump.

“I do not believe it was correct to ban Donald Trump, I believe that was a mistake,” Musk said at the Future of the Car event in London on Tuesday, May 10.

“I would lift the permanent ban. I’ll admit that I don’t own Twitter yet, so this isn’t something I’m sure will happen, since what if I don’t? But in my opinion, and I want to be clear, Jack Dorsey supports my opinion, we should not have perma-bans.”

Following the Capitol incident in January 2020, Musk stated Twitter’s move to block Trump “was a morally awful decision to be plain and dumb in the extreme.”

“It alienated a significant portion of the country but did not prevent Donald Trump from having a voice,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk remarked.

Trump said he hoped Musk would buy Twitter, but that his own Truth Social would be his only platform, on the day the company’s board accepted Musk’s offer to buy it for $44 billion.

On April 25, Trump told Fox News, “I’m not going on Twitter; I’m going to stay on Truth.”

“I hope Elon buys Twitter because he’ll improve it and he’s a good guy, but I’m sticking with Truth.”

Musk claimed on Tuesday that Trump’s move to Truth Social was proof of Twitter’s failure to permanently ban him.

Bans, according to the SpaceX CEO, should be infrequent and exclusively applied to bots and false accounts.

“A temporary suspension is appropriate but not a permanent ban,” Musk responded when asked if Trump’s comments surrounding the January 6 insurgency deserved action.

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