“It’s unacceptable for Russia to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine since it’s right next to us,” Belarus President and Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko said.

Alexander Lukashenko, the authoritarian Belarusian president and a close ally of Vladimir Putin, has defended the Ukrainian conflict while rejecting claims that Russia would use nuclear weapons against the country.

After his widely disputed presidential re-election sparked mass protests in Belarus, Russian strongman Vladimir Putin helped Lukashenko cling to power in 2020, and Lukashenko returned the favor by supporting Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, even allowing Russian forces to use Belarus to launch the invasion into Ukrainian territory.

 "Russia using nuclear weapons against Ukraine unacceptable because it
Lukashenko said Russia’s government had no choice but to respond since Ukraine was “provoking Russia” in an interview with AP released Thursday, May 5.

“I am not sufficiently involved in this topic to say whether it proceeds as planned, as the Russians claim, or as I suspect.

“I’d want to emphasize once more that I believe this operation has dragged on.”

Lukashenko stated that he wants the war to end and that Belarus has “done and is doing everything” to do so.

By referring to the invasion as a war, Lukashenko avoided using the term “special military operation,” which Moscow has used to describe its war effort.

When asked if Russia may use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Lukashenko stated:

“It’s intolerable since it’s very near to us,” he said, adding that he didn’t know if Russia planned to use them.

Following the 2020 election, Belarus was already subject to Western sanctions, and it now faces additional penalties as a result of its role in the war.

Belarus was one of 193 UN member states that did not join the 141 countries that denounced the war, with some significant countries abstaining, such as China and India.

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