Kodak Black writes a strange email to his baby mama, saying he was disappointed because he wanted her to have a boy instead of a girl like his previous baby mother.

After his baby’s gender reveal party, Kodak Black made a joke that drew a lot of attention.

The rapper, who welcomed a baby daughter with another woman last month, has revealed that he is expecting another child shortly.

The parents-to-be and their pals learned that a baby girl is on the way during the gender reveal on Thursday, Feb. 24.

After the party, Kodak took to Instagram to express his disappointment with the pink smoke that indicated they were expecting a girl.

He revealed that he had just given birth to a daughter in January and was hoping for a male this time.

He did add, however, that he will love all of his children equally.

Kodak Black pens weird note to woman expecting his baby, says he was a little upset because he wanted her to have a boy not a girl like his other baby mama

Kodak is the father of two children. His second daughter is due any day now.

Prior to the gender reveal party that enraged him, he stated publicly that if the woman carrying his child is carrying a boy, he will become her lover, but if she is expecting a girl, he will simply be her baby daddy.

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, he claimed this in an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne, the host Tha God suggested that Kodak have a baby girl since it would help him settle down, to which Kodak replied that he had already spoken with the woman who was expecting him.

He stated, ” “I’m going to make an agreement with her. ‘Man, you know what, if it’s a boy, I’m going to be your boyfriend,’ I told her last night. I’ll just be your baby daddy if it’s a girl.'”

After the gender reveal revealed that they are expecting a daughter, Kodak maintained his word and took to Instagram to refer to the pregnant woman as his “BM” (baby mama).

In the video below, you can see him make the statement.


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