Lady takes back PlayStation 5 she gifted her boyfriend as relationship ends

A young lady has revealed that she retrieved a video game gift from her boyfriend after he broke her heart.

The heartbroken woman with Twitter username @Chrisssssy_Payn took back the PlayStation 5 she gifted her man when they were still dating.

She shared a photo of the PS5 inside its box after she had collected it from the man to reportedly cheated on her.

According to her, she does not intend to sell it, rather she wants to keep it until she gets another man who she will give it to.

She captioned the post; ”I took it Back”

A Twitter user asked if she intended to sell the item, but she replied saying no she was keeping it for the next one.

“Not selling, keeping for the next one”

Another tweep probed; What if he doesn’t like it 🥺🤔?

In response, she said; I’ll get him the one he will like.

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