May the devil be destroyed – Sprinter Omanyala laughs aside Huddah’s idea of hooking up.

After she made the suggestion, Kenyan sprinter Omanyala ruled out the possibility of ever meeting or hooking up with socialite Huddah Monroe.

Huddah Monroe, who suggested it, had written:

“Omanyala isn’t bad-looking, hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki,” says the narrator. Hiyo date, Mpasho link.”

Omanyala, though, laughed off Huddah’s intentions in an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, stating he is a devoted family man.

Omanyala is married to Laventa Omanyala, who also happens to be his son’s mother.

He said;

May the demon be cast out. Huddah will never get me, but she will get fame from this. I don’t desire her because I’m already taken and that chapter is finished.

That’s impossible; my wife is more attractive than she is, so why would I consider her?

“That will just bring me issues because that is how it begins and then evolves into something else.” There are several things you should avoid at my level.”

When Ankali inquired why he is so against hooking up, Omanyala replied,

“You know, a female who has spelled out her intentions in that way is a tricky one.

“I’m not just running away from Huddah!” I flee if I notice another woman approaching me with identical motives. “I go off like Kipchoge, extremely quickly.”

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