Michael Owen is enraged by his daughter’s OnlyFans mix-up.

Michael Owen, a soccer great, is said to be enraged because his 19-year-old daughter, Gemma Owen, was mistaken for an OnlyFans model whose explicit images were posted online.

Gemma used her Instagram story to clarify that she is not the person in the leaked explicit photographs, and she posted a tweet from a model named “Jill” who claimed that the “nudes” were her.

“Apparently some person is spreading images attempting to say it’s me,” Gemma posted on Instagram. These photos are from this girl’s OnlyFans account. These are clearly not my photos. Thank you for clearing things up, this gal. I don’t have OnlyFans, just to be clear.”

“When my nudes get posted everywhere and people think it’s Michael Owens daughter?” commented Gemma over a screenshot of Jill’s tweet. I’m truly ill, and I’m not going to keep quiet about it because too many people have sent it to me already, and it’s the fact that men are getting off on the fact that it may be an adolescent.”

Jill also took to Twitter and Instagram to ask her tens of thousands of followers how she could get compensated or sue over the situation.

According to the Daily Mail, the former soccer star is also concerned that the OnlyFans photo mix-up would harm his daughter’s beachwear company, OG Beachwear.

Michael is outraged that his daughter’s name is being used inappropriately, and all he wants is for the problem to be resolved,” a source told the Daily Mail. “The photographs certainly aren’t of Gemma; she doesn’t use OnlyFans and only ever wears a bikini to promote her brand.” He’s a loving parent who wants to do everything he can to protect Gemma’s image and reputation as she grows older.”

Gemma was all smiles with her dad on Thursday, amid the photo drama, as the father-daughter duo attended Ladies Day at Chester racecourse. The teen is an experienced equestrian.

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