Mom is found dead in her car after being missing for a week, but her 5-month-old boy is still alive.

Nearly a week after she and her five-month-old infant were reported missing, a missing Indiana mother was discovered dead in her car.

South Bend police discovered Alexis Morales, 27, and her five-month-old son Messiah inside her 2006 BMW X5 SUV on Tuesday, April 19.

While her son was alive, the young mother was proclaimed dead at the spot and brought to a local hospital for observation.

Morales and her kid went missing last week after leaving a gathering, and friends and family have not heard from her since.

She said she was heading home to feed her son at a barbeque, but she never arrived.

Her friends and family issued an emergency notice as they searched the region for the young mother and her son.

Mom missing for a week is found dead in car, her 5-month-old son discovered alive

Police received a complaint from a neighbor later Tuesday night regarding a vehicle near their property. When authorities came, they discovered Alexis dead inside, while her son appeared to be unharmed.

After discovering apparent injuries on her corpse on Wednesday, April 20, police determined her death was a homicide, according to detectives. What kind of injuries did the mother sustain is unknown. On Friday, April 22, an autopsy will be performed.

Sandra Piggie, Morales’ mother, claimed in an interview with WNDU before she was found that it was unusual for her daughter not to return home.

“This is out of the ordinary. If she wanted to go out and have more fun, she would have at least called me or dropped the baby off at my house “she stated

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