On a California beach, a coyote bites a toddler.

The horrific moment a youngster was bitten by a coyote on the beach of a Southern California beach as two naive adults stood just feet away was captured on shocking surf cam footage on Thursday.

According to video obtained by KMPH, the prairie wolf jumped on the small girl’s face and knocked her to the ground while she played near the water in Huntington Beach.

The deadly wild dog then rocked her back and forth, leaping off the child before lunging back on her in a mounting posture, as two adults and a child stood nearby watching the waves smash, according to the shocking film.

After roughly 14 agonizing seconds, a woman turned around, saw the ambush, and scared the coyote away.

Shocking surf cam footage captured the terrifying moment a toddler was attacked by a coyote on the shore of a Southern California beach as two oblivious adults stood just feet awaySurf cam footage captured the terrifying moment.

According to the outlet, the child was brought to the hospital and was expected to recover from serious injuries.

According to KABC-TV, cops later shot two coyotes dead on an Orange County beach, but the canine who charged at the small girl was not among them.

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