On ‘The View,’ Joy Behar had a dramatic fall and face-plants in front of the audience.

Joy Behar is the next hot topic: on Thursday’s broadcast of “The View,” the fiery redhead slammed the floor hard.

The 79-year-old comic was walking out onstage for the first time at the start of the live event when she fell just short of her seat.

Behar was seen on camera face-planting on the stage, and the dramatic image was broadcast to audiences across the country.

Sara Haines, 44, and Sunny Hostin, 53, were heard gasping before attempting to assist Behar in getting up.

Whoopi Goldberg, 66, of “The View,” raced over to assist the seasoned actress, encouraging her to “just stand.”

To get back on her feet, Behar needed the assistance of Haines and Hostin, as well as a production assistant.

Face-plant fiasco! Behar was seen dramatically falling to the ground on live TV.

Behar was not seriously hurt and was allowed to continue working on the show.

Despite the fact that the embarrassed comedian isn’t very quick on her feet, she was able to laugh off the face-plant mishap with her sharp wit.

“That has never occurred in twenty-five years — who do I sue?” joked the veteran funny lady as she sat down at the table.

Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin had to help the 78-year-old back onto her feet.

The funnywoman was not seriously injured, and was able to continue on with the show.The funny lady was not seriously injured and was able to continue with the show.

Later, the star became more serious, advising everyone who has fallen to keep an eye on their symptoms.

“The essential thing — just to be serious,” Behar continued, “when Bob Saget fell, he died.” “Go to the doctor if you hit your head and feel dizzy or have impaired vision, or if you feel like you want to sleep.” Because you’ll die if you do it.”

“I’m a klutz!” she said lightheartedly.

Thursday's fall is the latest headline-hitting incident involving "The View" veteran.Thursday’s fall is the latest headline-grabbing incident involving “The View” veteran.

Behar’s fall is the most recent high-profile incident for the “The View” veteran, who has been on the show since 1997.

Behar was recently chastised when she expressed concern that the conflict in Ukraine would affect her planned vacation to Italy.

Meanwhile, Behar promised audiences last month that she will continue to wear masks in public indefinitely, before being caught sitting in a New York City restaurant without one just days later.

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