‘Putin has realized he doesn’t have a win to celebrate,’ says US Ambassador to the UN.

Vladimir Putin did not make any escalatory statements in his Triumph Day speech on Monday, May 9, because he “has recognized he has no victory to celebrate,” according to US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Putin maintained his claim that the West forced him to invade Ukraine during a speech honoring Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany at the end of World War II on Monday in Moscow.

Russia canceled all scheduled flight shows for the day, and Putin remained silent on his next strategy in Ukraine, including whether to end the conflict, continue it, or even accept a ‘win,’ as Western intelligence had expected.

In response to Putin’s address, Thomas-Greenfield, a Joe Biden administration official, stated that Putin’s battle will continue.

“There was no cause for (Putin) to declare victory or to declare a war that he had already been fighting for over two months,” Thomas-Greenfield told CNN.

“His attempts in Ukraine have failed,” she continued. “He wasn’t able to go into Ukraine and bring them to their knees and have them submit in a matter of days.”

“He didn’t say anything about quitting. He made no mention of a deal with the Ukrainians “CNN was informed. “So I believe, and we all believe, that this will be a long-term struggle that will last for months.”

Furthermore, Thomas-Greenfield told CNN that it would be too harsh to suggest the US “welcomed” Putin’s words on Monday because the “unconscionable attack on the Ukrainian people” continued.

“So pulling Putin’s soldiers out of Ukraine and bringing this awful conflict to a stop would be a great indication,” she said.

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