Raymond Santana, a Central Park 5 exoneree, has filed for divorce from Deelishis after she called him a narcissist and a cheat on the internet.

One of the men who rose to fame after being falsely convicted in the Central Park Five case has filed for divorce from London “Deelishis” Santana, the star of “Flavor Of Love.”

After only 20 months of marriage, Raymond filed for divorce in Georgia.

His filing came just one day after Deelishis, his reality TV star wife, publicly accused him of infidelity and labeled him a “narcissist.”

Deelishis wrote on Instagram and Twitter on March 1: “I married a narcissist who is a complete liar and cheat, and I’m finally ready to tell it like it is… Keep an eye out for updates.”

Central Park 5 exoneree Raymond Santana files for divorce from Deelishis after she went online to call him a narcissist and a cheat

The couple, who met on Instagram in late 2019 and married six months later, divorced on November 7, 2021, according to legal documents acquired by TMZ.

Their marriage is “irretrievably broken with no possibility of restoration,” according to Raymond.

The former couple recently filed a court agreement to handle most of their legal concerns, and they both agreed that neither party would pay alimony to the other.

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