Russia proposes annexing Ukraine’s whole south coast in order to establish a land corridor to Moldova.

In the second phase of its offensive to construct a land corridor running to Moldova, Russia has outlined plans to conquer the whole Donbas and the south of Ukraine.

Rustam Minnekayev, the deputy commander of Russia’s central military district, said Russia aimed to build a corridor between Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula Russia annexed in 2014, and the Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

Mariupol is located between Russian separatist-controlled territory and Crimea, and its annexation would allow Russia to connect the two areas.

It comes as Russia continues to bomb the Donbass, hitting 58 targets overnight, but the Kremlin is still reeling from reports that the dead toll has grown to 30,000 people.

Taking control of southern Ukraine, according to Minnekayev, would increase Russian access to Moldova’s pro-Russian breakaway province of Transdniestria, which borders Ukraine and which Kyiv believes may be used as a launchpad for further attacks.

Kyiv announced earlier this month that a regional airstrip was being readied to accommodate planes and may be used by Moscow to send in troops heading for Ukraine.

‘Control over the south of Ukraine is another route to Transdniestria, where there is also evidence of oppression of the Russian-speaking community,’ Minnekayev said at a gathering in Russia’s central Sverdlovsk area, according to TASS.

The plans announced by Russia to assume full control of Donbas and southern Ukraine have been branded as “imperialism” by Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

On Twitter, the ministry stated, ‘They quit hiding it.’ Russia has “acknowledged that the goal of the’second phase’ of the conflict is not triumph over the fictitious Nazis, but rather the occupation of eastern and southern Ukraine,” according to the report. Imperialism in its current form.’

A transport plane crashed over the country’s center today, killing at least one person and injuring two others, the latest occurrence involving accident-prone Soviet-era planes.

‘An AN-26 aircraft, which according to preliminary information belonged to Ukraine, crashed today in the neighborhood of Mikhailovka in the Zaporizhzhia region,’ according to a statement on social media from the territory’s administration.

‘The plane was in the middle of a technical flight.’ One person was killed, and two others were injured, according to the investigation.’

The statement went on to say that the crew numbers and the cause of the incident were being probed.

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