Snoop Dogg sued for sexual assault

An onstage dancer has filed a lawsuit against Snoop Dogg and his partner Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, alleging sexual abuse nearly a decade ago.

On Wednesday, February 9, the Jane Doe accuser filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles, alleging that the rapper and his companion assaulted her shortly after she attended a Snoop Dogg concert at Club Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California on May 29, 2013.

She said she was assaulted twice after accepting a lift home from Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, whose actual name is Donald Campbell, and finding herself back at his house without her will.

“Plaintiff was fatigued and fell asleep in [Bishop’s] residence,” the court statement stated. Bishop “pulled his penis from his pants and forced his penis in Plaintiff’s face,” she claims, and “repeatedly slammed his penis into Plaintiff’s mouth” when she awoke at 4 a.m. the next morning.

Bishop “discriminated against and harassed Plaintiff because of Plaintiff’s sex and gender,” according to the lawsuit.

Campbell allegedly insisted that she follow him to a recording studio where Snoop Dogg was allegedly filming his TV show, Snoop Dogg’s Double G News Network, according to the unnamed accuser.

Campbell allegedly handed her a dress and urged her to put it on so they could go to Snoop’s studio, claiming, “I want to see whether he’s still alive.”

The rapper then “masturbated and ejaculated on plaintiff’s upper chest and lower neck,” according to the lawsuit. “I’ll grab you something to clean up with,” he allegedly added before leaving the woman “humiliated, afraid, and panicked” in the restroom.

She asserts Bishop remarked to her immediately after that, “Come on in! Take a photo with Snoop Dogg!” She claims she was terrified when she shot the photo.

Snoop declined to recruit her because she “refused to willingly and passionately offer oral sex,” she claims.

The lady claims she didn’t report the alleged attacks right away because she was “concerned about her job security if she offended” the rapper. For several years, she claims she worked for several companies owned by or linked with the rapper. Her paperwork was filed.

The “mediation was ineffective” and “soon after the mediation finished,” according to her filing.

Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, has refuted the entire tale, calling it a “pack of bullshit.” He called her a “Gold digger” in a photo he shared on Instagram. Emojis of a judge and a police officer were put in the photo. Snoop Dogg’s Instagram post was “clearly threatening,” according to the dancer’s lawyer, Matt Finkelberg.

Makeup artist Kylie Bell had already sued Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Broadus, alleging that he and members of his entourage sexually attacked her in 2003. Snoop Dogg had sued Bell for extortion just days before she filed her case. Bell eventually dismissed her case, claiming that “the matter has been addressed peacefully” in a statement.

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