Teacher admits to filling cupcakes with her husband’s sperm and distributing them to her students.

A disgraced Louisiana teacher has acknowledged to “horrific crimes” against children, including offering her students cupcakes laced with sperm from her ex-husband, who is facing child sex crime accusations of his own.

Cynthia Perkins, 46, faces a 41-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to sex offences on Monday, February 17 and accepting a plea deal. After she consented to testify against her ex-husband, Dennis Perkins, 68 charges against her were dropped.

The former middle school teacher admitted to rape in the second degree, child pornography production, and conspiracy to tamper with hazardous chemicals.

Teacher pleads guilty to giving her students cupcakes filled with her husband

Cynthia and Dennis were arrested in October 2019 and faced 150 felony charges including rape, child pornography, sexual battery of a child, and video voyeurism. There were also charges relating to a dog, according to the Daily Star.

The couple were busted after authorities received a tip at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Investigators later found nude photos of them with the minor. Court documents obtained by WBRZ in May, 2021, revealed that police also found pictures of Perkins’ students eating the semen-laced cupcakes and that the couple allegedly raped a child between the ages of 9 and 10.

Cynthia filed for divorce and resigned from her role as an English teacher at the high school after the arrest. She claimed she was manipulated by her then-husband to commit the horror crimes, WBRZ reports. The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office immediately fired Dennis Perkins, who had been a special operations lieutenant.

The former couple had also been hit with four lawsuits accusing them of feeding baked goods containing Dennis’ semen to Cynthia’s class at Westside Junior High School on two separate occasions in 2018 and 2019.

Teacher pleads guilty to giving her students cupcakes filled with her husband

According to one of the complaints, the father of a student who ate the infected cupcakes has suffered from a profound depression as a result of the occurrence and has been unable to find work.

Another lawsuit alleged that since the cupcakes incident, a student and a parent have been suffering from mental health and behavioral issues, and have been unable to sleep.

A student’s parents claimed in a lawsuit filed last May that Cynthia showed the girl inappropriate photographs and photographed and recorded her. The Livingston Parish School Board was also accused of carelessness in all four complaints, which were filed separately.

It’s unclear whether the lawsuits will be pursued further at this time.

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