Tensions in Ukraine: Joe Biden has stated that if Russia invades Ukraine, he will not send soldiers to rescue American civilians.

US President Joe Biden has ordered all American citizens still in Ukraine to leave immediately, stating that if Russia invades the country, he will not send forces to rescue Americans stranded there.

Biden warned that “things may go crazy rapidly” in the region, citing heightened Russian military threats.

Despite massing more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border, Russia has repeatedly denied any ambitions to invade the country. However, it has recently undertaken large-scale military exercises with Belarus, and Ukraine has accused Russia of obstructing its access to the sea by conducting naval exercises.

The Kremlin claims it wants to establish “red lines” to prevent its former Soviet neighbor from joining NATO’s Transatlantic Alliance.

On Thursday, February 10, the US State Department urged Americans in Ukraine to leave immediately.

Biden has now reaffirmed his position.

Biden told NBC News, “American citizens should leave now.”

“We’re up against one of the world’s largest armies. It’s a whole different circumstance, and things might quickly spiral out of control.”

When asked if he could see a scenario in which he would send troops to rescue fleeing Americans, Biden said:

“There isn’t any. When the United States and Russia start shooting at each other, it’s a world war. We live in a world that is vastly different from anything we’ve ever known.”

After nine hours of talks with French and German officials, Russia and Ukraine declared late on Thursday, February 10, that they had failed to achieve an agreement.

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