The assailant of comedian Dave Chappelle created a rap song about him.

Isaiah Lee, 23, is a want tobe rap sensation who has released a song called after the famous comedian that supposedly references the Hollywood Bowl. He attacked Dave Chappelle during a concert on Tuesday, May 3.

NoName Trapper, a self-proclaimed rapper who goes by the stage name NoName Trapper, has a song called “Dave Chapelle” on Spotify off his 2020 album.

Dave Chappelle

While the most of the lyrics are muttered, Lee appears to mention getting inside the Hollywood Bowl, which is where the incident occurred on Tuesday night. In the two-minute tune, he rapped, “Walkin’ straight into da Bowl.”

Lee appears to rap about former President Donald Trump in another song from the same album, “Maga my n—ga,” saying, “Why is everybody always hatin’ on my president.”

Lee shared an Instagram story just hours before the incident, wearing the same sweater he was later spotted wearing on a stretcher after being roughed up by security during the stage-storming event.

Dave Chappelle

Lee also has a sizable social media following, with 32k followers and just 80 individuals he follows, one of them is Dave.

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