The mother of a 10-year-old Chrisland student who appeared in a sex tape with classmates comes out (video)

The mother of a 10-year-old VGC student at Chrisland School who was caught having sex with her classmates in Dubai and the video was posted online has spoken out to demand justice.

The heartbroken mother revealed in a video published online by Ubi Franklin that she received a call about a month ago from Mrs. Azike, the headmaster at Chrisland school VGC, telling her she needed to meet her. She said she was on her way out of Lagos when she got the call, and she went to her daughter’s school two days later to meet with Mrs. Azike and two other authorities. Mrs. Azike allegedly told her that her daughter, who had been left in their care, had been seen kissing another boy, and that they had learned the kissing game from “Truth and Dare.”

Mrs. Azike allegedly told the upset mother that they wanted her to retrieve the phone she provided to her daughter so that she wouldn’t continue practicing kissing. Mrs. Kemi, another school official present at the meeting, advised her not to inform her husband about the kissing encounter because it is not something women should tell their spouses about.

“I stated there would be no difficulty.” I’ll warn my kid as long as this is only kissing. So I walked away. I didn’t hear from them after that. The young lady was on her way to school. Everything seemed to be fine to me. Mrs Azike, the head teacher, did not provide me a link until two to three weeks after we had the talk, requesting that we have a Zoom conference by 5 p.m. ‘I told them I was going to join them,’ she explained.

She claimed she had a meeting with a group of people, including the school’s board of directors, during which one of them began talking to her about forgiveness.

“We had the meeting,” says the narrator. Many people, including boards of directors, were present. I was even the one who asked, “What’s your name?” Could you please introduce yourself? One individual in particular stated that his name is Akin. The Akin was in charge of the meeting. He began by stating that there can be no forgiveness if there is no sin. He was telling stories in parables.

‘What are you people talking about?’ I had to yell at times. ‘What are you guys talking about?’ He now claims that they only wanted to follow up to ensure that I had removed Juliann’s phone and to see how she was doing. Juliann is good, I said, but he has now made a remark. “When it happened,” he said. ‘Sir, what happened?’ I asked. Juliann didn’t inform you, he claimed? Juliann did not tell me anything, so I answered no.

“Tell me what?” I screamed at them. Did anything happen, Juliann? Juliann declined”. As it stands now, I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it becomes any worse, my husband will be informed. I’m not fond of the names you’re using to refer to me. We finished the meeting and left at the conclusion. They didn’t say anything to me. ‘I went by myself,’ she explained.

Juliann’s mother stated she received a call from another parent of a student at the school informing her of her daughter’s whereabouts.

“The next day, after we had the Zoom conference, a parent called me and said she needed to see me and that it was really important.” As a result, I had to go to her residence. When I arrived at her place, she informed me that something has been trending in Chrisland of which I am unaware, and that she has informed them that she does not believe I am aware of the occurrence.

Now the woman dialed my number and said, “Look at this video.” Check out what’s hot in Chrisland. All of the parents are aware of the situation.

So I notified my hubby right away. Mrs Azike was the name we started calling her. She refused to answer her phone. I contacted her over 20 times and she didn’t answer, but I believe she subsequently spoke with my husband and told him she didn’t know whether such a thing existed. That’s when I started yelling at my kid, “Why did this happen?” What exactly is going on?

While we were beating her, the girl asked, “Mummy, may I speak with you?” Mrs Azike threatened her not to speak out, she said Chrisland. She recounted the events. How they left them at a motel, how the school abandoned them, and how she ended herself in this situation.”

The bewildered mother claimed that the school administration had been sending representatives from their headquarters to speak with her 10-year-old daughter without her presence.

“They’ve been coming to have meetings with my daughter without my permission, bringing delegates from their headquarters to have talks with her.” I had no idea. We were kept in the dark. Please, Nigerians, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Chrisland was attempting to conceal this problem, so please assist me. They were attempting to force us out of the way, and my kid was spiraling into psychosis. ‘I am pleading with my fellow Nigerians to assist me,’ she said.

She went on to say that

“As a mother, and Chrisland’s role in covering up the rape situation…

I was in school on the day of Mother’s Day. We were all there, unaware that they had sent other representatives to question my daughter. I left as soon as we finished that mothers day, and they took my daughter somewhere else to question her without my permission.

Second, they have threatened my daughter with death if she speaks up, implying that this is a man’s world. That she should be quiet and not tell me, and that my daughter was dying in silence, which I was unaware of. I’ll be forcing her to come out every day when she goes to school, telling her to come outside. This kid will despise going to school.

Mr Timothy, her class teacher, was calling her a “dumb girl, useless girl” in front of the other kids.

Please assist me. They took this girl to get a pregnancy test without telling me or the father, and they told us it was for a COVID test. They took her for a COVID test almost three times. Is it possible, please? Is a blood sample taken for the COVID test? Is the COVID test done with urine? I didn’t realize it until this situation arose.

To top it off, they’ve now handed her a suspension letter since we’ve started confronting them and telling them we’re aware of what happened.”

When she questioned her daughter how she was supposedly raped, she replied, “I was raped.”

“My daughter stated they went out for breakfast in the morning and one of the boys, Kachi, wanted her to lend him her phone charger.” As a result, she handed the charger to Kachi. Later that evening, after they had eaten, the Kachi called her room and told her to come get her charger.

As a result, she headed to the location to obtain the charger. They unlocked the door and requested her to fetch her charger from the toilet when she arrived. When she went to the bathroom, they kidnapped her and forced her to swallow something. As a result, they were all high on drugs, and she had no idea what she was doing after that. That’s what she told me, and they urged her to climb them as someone stood there filming them and uploading it on the internet.”

Below is a video of her speaking.

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