The UK government recovers $23 million. Loot from Abacha

The National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom has recovered around $23.5 million in looted funds from former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha’s allies and family.

The looted funds were recovered, according to the NCA, after the USDOJ requested enforcement of the US forfeiture order relating to the seized monies after nearly seven years of litigation and international negotiations to secure the recovery order. It is also part of a larger pool of funds identified by the USDOJ as having been stolen out of Nigeria in the 1990s by Mr Abacha and his associates.

The money have now been paid to the UK’s Home Office for onward transmission to the USDOJ, according to a statement posted on the UK’s crime agency website on Thursday, May 5.

The civil recovery of assets, according to Billy Beattie, Asset Denial Senior Manager at the NCA, is a vital weapon in the battle against corruption.

The NCA is also committed to ensuring that the UK is not a refuge for criminals to launder their proceeds of crime, according to the official.

The statement continued,

“The NCA is dedicated to ensuring that the United Kingdom is not a refuge for criminals to launder their proceeds of crime, and civil asset recovery is a strong tool in this fight.”

“We collaborate closely with the UK and worldwide partners to combat the menace of corruption, which disproportionately affects society’s weakest and most vulnerable people.”

“We are determined to ensure that individuals who commit corruption do not profit from their acts.”

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