The United States denies giving intelligence to Ukraine in order to destroy the Russian battleship Moskva.

The US military has disputed new accusations that it assisted Ukraine with intelligence when it successfully targeted Russia’s flagship battleship with anti-ship cruise missiles last month.

According to a report released on Thursday, May 4, Ukrainian forces spotted a Russian warship in the Black Sea and called their American contacts to confirm it was the Moskva, which the US confirmed and provided intelligence on its location.

However, the Pentagon has denied assisting Ukraine with “precise targeting information” to sink the Moskva, a Russian guided-missile cruiser that served as the head of Moscow’s Black Sea fleet.

US denies providing intelligence to Ukraine to destroy Russian Naval warship, Moskva

In a statement released Thursday night, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said, “We did not give Ukraine with particular targeting information for the Moskva.”

“We had no input over the Ukrainians’ choice to attack the ship or the operation that followed. We were completely unaware that Ukraine intended to attack the ship.”

“As they did in this case, the Ukrainians have their own intelligence capabilities to track and target Russian naval boats,” Kirby noted.

In mid-April, Ukraine claimed to have hit the ship with two Neptune anti-ship missiles.

As it was being towed back to Russia’s dock for repairs, the ship sank. The damage to the ship, according to Russia, was caused by the detonation of ammunition.

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