The US ambassador warns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could result in one of the world’s largest ever refugee crises.

The United States has warned that a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine may result in one of the world’s worst refugee crises ever.

The Ukrainian government proclaimed a state of emergency, which was confirmed by parliament, with 200,000 military reservists being called up, border zones being limited, and three million Ukrainians being instructed to leave Russia.

The entire country was put on high alert, with Kiev admitting for the first time that an attack could occur anywhere, at any time.

The United States’ ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said during a UN Security Council meeting in New York that a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine may result in the displacement of up to five million people.

She predicted that an invasion would create starvation in other countries, as well as a surge in bread costs, considering that Russia and Ukraine contribute roughly 30% of world wheat exports.

‘Russia’s actions could lead to a jump in food prices and even more acute starvation in Libya, Yemen, and Lebanon,’ she warned.

‘The tsunamis of pain that this conflict would unleash are unimaginable.’

Her warning came just before explosions were reported in Mariupol, Ukraine’s port city, raising fears of bombardment.

Blasts 30 miles from the Russian border are said to have woken up residents in the city.

The explosions occurred just hours after the US informed the Ukrainian government that Putin’s troops are’ready to go immediately’ with a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with 80 percent of Russian troops now gathered in attack positions throughout the country, according to Mail Online.

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