This drink should never be ordered, according to a former McDonald’s manager.

A McDonald’s dinner isn’t complete without an ice-cold beverage.

However, one beverage on the menu that a former employee advised consumers to avoid is the “nasty” drink, which she never tried after learning how it was created.

Nicole Weiser, a former McDonald’s employee, revealed insider information in a TikTok video that went popular on YouTube as part of a compilation of employee secrets.

Weiser explained, “I was a manager at a McDonald’s.” “I spent around three years there.”

There were two four-gallon jugs of tea on site during her time there: a red jug for sweet tea and a green jug for unsweetened tea.

Weiser would occasionally have a cup of sweet tea until she learned how the drinks were created, but that changed after her tenure at the business.

“There was a complete four-pound bag of sugar emptied into the red jug, the sweet tea, for every four gallons,” Weiser revealed. “One pound of tea per gallon.”

“When I understood that, I stopped drinking the tea,” she confirmed. “That’s a scumbag.”

McDonald’s was contacted by The Sun and asked for more nutritional and ingredient information on the menu item.

Viewers expressed a combination of fear and apathy to the drink’s sugar content and caloric and nutritional burden in the comments area.

“Knowing something is incredibly sweet isn’t the same as knowing how much sugar it contains,” one commenter commented.

“Now that I can see the NINE teaspoons of sugar in a Coke, I hardly ever drink soda.”

Former McDonald's employee Nicole Weiser shared her insider knowledge in a TikTok video that went viral on YouTube.Weiser’s TikTok video went viral on YouTube.

“I worked there as a teen and I gagged when they taught me how to brew the sweet tea,” a former coworker remarked.

Another viewer said, “Just stick to water no matter where you are.” “I probably have a non-water drink once or twice a month.”

Some others were surprised that Weiser hadn’t understood how much sugar was in the drink in the first place.

A critic questioned, “Could she not taste how sweet it was before understanding the recipe?”

mcdonalds sweet tea“For every four gallons of the red jug, the sweet tea, there was a full four-pound bag of sugar emptied into it,” Nicole Weiser revealed.

“That’s one of the things we like about it.” “It’s absolutely SWEET tea,” wrote a viewer from the South. “Tea like my grandmother used to make for Sunday dinners,” says the narrator.

Another concurred, “just as sweet as any southern kitchen makes it.”

One viewer even provided a suggestion for tea connoisseurs who are willing to compromise.

“If you don’t like it,” they said, “then blend half sweet and half unsweet.”

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