‘This Manchester United team is a waste of time!’ After Manchester United’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool, Gary Neville slams the players.

Gary Neville, a former Manchester United player and current TV analyst, battled to keep his composure after United’s 4-0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield on Tuesday night, April 19.

The defeat to Liverpool follows a 5-0 thrashing at Old Trafford by the same Liverpool side in October, and with six key players missing, including Cristiano Ronaldo, the result was always going to be awful for United.

Liverpool seized the lead in less than five minutes, ripping through United’s five-man defense with ease before Mohamed Salah passed to Luis Diaz to score.

Five minutes later, Paul Pogba went down with an injury, and the game was effectively over. The game concluded 4-0, propelling Liverpool to the top of the Premier League table, while Manchester United continues to fight to qualify for the top four of the Champions League.

Following the second goal, Neville, a former captain of the club, was unreserved in his criticism of the team.

  He said, “This Manchester United team is a waste of space.” “This game has a long way to go, but that brings worry, not hope.”

“I’ve been a Manchester United fan for 42 years, and this is the worst I’ve ever seen. Manchester United were promise towards the close of last season, but their decline to where they are now has been worrying. What we’re viewing is a complete waste of time. This is insignificant.

“These Manchester United players want the season to end so they can blame the former manager and hide behind the new management. The entire club has an excuses culture. They’re all walking; they’re in good shape, but they’re all walking. It’s an amble at best.

“Liverpool’s play, on the other hand, is absolutely beautiful. The standard! Mane’s pass, Salah’s touch, and the finish are all world-class. And it’s why Liverpool is in such a strong position to win the title in the final ten or eleven games of the season.”

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