“Those attempting to threaten Russia should think about it,” Putin says after the Russian military conducts a test launch of the ‘Satan II’ intercontinental ballistic missile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted to his military’s test launch of the ‘Satan II,’ also known as the Sarmat, intercontinental ballistic missile.

The ICMB was launched from a silo launcher at the Plesetsk State Test Cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk Region of northern Russia at 3:12 p.m. Moscow time on Wednesday, April 20. It was aimed at the Kura test site on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s far east.

According to the defense ministry, it landed in a “designated region in Kamchatka.””

The Sarmat will join Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces after a test program is completed, according to the ministry. The RS-28 Sarmat is a replacement for the Soviet-era Voevoda ICBM, often known as the SS-18 Satan in NATO.

Putin praised the military and predicted that the missile test would “give pause to those who seek to attack Russia.” “According to a statement from the ministry, as reported by Russia’s TASS news agency.

"It would give thought to those who are trying to threaten Russia" - Putin says after Russian military carries out test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile called
In a 2018 address, Putin listed the Sarmat, or Satan II, as one of the weapons that will render NATO defenses “totally useless.”

Security officials in the United States downplayed his threat at the time.

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