To protect her two-year-old kid from demons and send him to paradise, his mother drowned him in the bath.

After admitting to the manslaughter of her two-year-old son Reid, a mother has been arrested.

After growing convinced that her family was being possessed by ghosts, Natalie Steele, 31, murdered her two-year-old son in the bath ‘to send him to paradise.’

On the evening of August 11 last year, her kid was discovered comatose at her family home in Parkwood Heights, Bridgend.

The next day, he was declared dead in the hospital.

Mum drowned her two year old son in bath ?to protect him from demons? and send him to heaven
Steele, who had recently converted to Christianity, had been delusional months before the murder, seeing floating orbs and devils, according to reports.

She is currently being held under the Mental Health Act. She informed police after her arrest that she needed to protect her son by sending him to paradise.

She was taken to the hospital after refusing to eat or drink, saying authorities she had to fast for 40 days so she could join her son, Reid, in paradise, according to police.

Mum drowned her two year old son in bath ?to protect him from demons? and send him to heaven

Steele was suffering from an undiagnosed and untreated mental illness at the time of the crime, according to two forensic psychiatrists, and the Crown Prosecution Service decided not seek a murder prosecution because of her mental health issues.

Judge Michael Fitton QC, who detained Steele under Sections 37 and 41 of the Mental Health Act at Cardiff Crown Court on Tuesday, May 3, described the case as “a tragic human tragedy.”

‘It is a great human tragedy that you, who loved (Reid) so much, were responsible for his death,’ he said.

‘You did so while suffering from a period of serious and severe mental illness – that is the professional assessment.’ ‘You experienced visual and aural hallucinations, as well as paranoid thoughts, and you made the tragic error of believing that your own family, who loved Reid as much as you did, wanted to hurt him.’

Steele will not be taken to prison when she is declared competent to be released from the hospital due to the nature of the judge’s ruling.

Steele told her mother, Amanda Prescott, during the sentence hearing that she had been’seeing lights’ and that ‘demons are black and real.’

The defendant had gone on a camping trip with her church in New Quay, west Wales, the night before Reid’s murder, and then requested to be baptized right away.

Heidi Ackland, a member of the congregation who was not on the vacation, drove to the toen early on August 11 to speak with Steele and encourage her to return home with her. Steele was’speaking gibberish’ and telling Ms Ackland that she had to be a sacrifice, according to Ms Ackland.

Steele kept checking on her kid in his car seat in the back, saying things like ‘I love you Reid,’ and taking her own seatbelt off on the way home, Ms Ackland saw. Ms. Ackland expressed concern that the defendant would attempt to flee the moving vehicle while the child was inside.

She received a text from her later that evening after leaving Steele off at her house, saying, ‘I’ve done something terrible, I had to protect Reid from my family.’

Steele’s mother, Amanda Prescott, told police that her daughter had taken her grandson for a bath around 6 p.m., but returned at 7.30 p.m., saying, ‘I guess I did.’

‘I was the one who did it.’

Mrs Prescott said she ‘went into panic mode’ and ran upstairs to find Reid comatose on the bathroom floor, wrapped in a towel.
Steele then admitted to police officers that she had been playing ‘cups of tea’ with Reid in the bath and had breastfed him before submerging him.

The defendant expressed concern for her family, claiming that they had “creepy eyes” and that she had “issues with spirits” and that “spirits had been touching her.”

‘I felt I had to protect him from you,’ she told her mother.

Her mother, stepfather, and siblings had ‘large eyes’ and ‘contorted’ faces, she stated in police interviews, and she felt they were possessed by demons.

Judge Fitton expressed his sympathy to the family after passing punishment, saying they bear “no fault or obligation whatsoever” for failing to recognize the danger Steele posed to her kid.

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