Twerking at a war memorial in Russia has resulted in the arrest of a 21-year-old Zambian student (video)

Rebecca Ziba, a 21-year-old Zambian student, was jailed in Russia for twerking at a military memorial.

She may be seen twerking near to a World War II memorial in Khanty-Mansiysk in a video the student posted on social media.

She captioned the video, “Shaking ass for the dead, I’m sure they’re resting well tonight.”

Her acts were labeled as “obscene” and “insulting” by Russian investigators. They’ve also labeled the video’s caption as “offensive.”

Part 4 of Art. 354.1 of the Criminal Code, which charges a person of “rehabilitating Nazism,” has been filed against Ziba.

The charge carries a maximum sentence of three years in jail.

Ziba is shown in what looks to be an interrogation chamber in a second video obtained by the Russian Investigative Committee.

The Zambian national apologized for her conduct in the video, saying she would not have released it if she had known the gravity of the situation.

“I’d want to apologize to everyone for the video I shared on April 16th. “I released a video of me dancing on a monument without knowing what it represented or who it would harm or anger,” she explained.

“I didn’t intend for the video I shared to be objectionable, nor did I intend for it to insult anyone or to be disrespectful to those who died.” And because I had no idea what it meant, I never imagined it would be this significant. I sincerely apologize to everyone; I had no idea. And if I didn’t think I’d ever post it. I hope I’ve been heard and forgiven.”

Watch the video below to learn more…

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