Ukraine is on edge as Russia sends nuclear bombers close to the country’s border.

Following the sinking of Russia’s warship in the Black Sea, Russian nuclear bombers have been observed in the skies above western Russia, possibly close to the Ukrainian border.

On Monday, April 18, new footage supplied by Ukrainian intelligence shows four Russian Tu-95s, sometimes known as Bears, flying near Ukraine in the Kaluga region, putting Ukraine on edge.

Moscow has previously employed long-range bombers to target Kyiv with non-nuclear cruise missiles, but military analysts predict Russian President Vladimir Putin would expand his attacks after his vessel, the Moskva, was apparently destroyed by Ukrainian missiles.

The Black Sea missile cruiser was a vital part of Putin’s navy, and it was rumored that it was carrying nuclear weapons when it was lost.

President Zelenskyy recently stated that he does not trust the international community when it comes to preventing war crimes or nuclear conflict.

Ukraine on edge as Russia flies nuclear bombers near border

Following Russia’s invasion of his country, the President stated that he can no longer trust “certain countries or some leaders.”

When questioned on CNN if he believes the motto “never again,” which is connected with the Holocaust and is used by most world leaders, is now “empty” as a result of suspected war crimes in Ukraine, Zelensky answered.

“I’m not a believer in the world.” We’ve seen what’s going on in Ukraine, and we’ve — I mean, I don’t believe in this sense that we should believe in some countries or some leaders,” he remarked.

“We don’t believe what we’ve heard. We don’t believe our neighbors after Russia’s aggressiveness. “We don’t believe everything,” he stated.

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