Ukraine’s army claims that a demoralized Russia is seeking to replace soldiers to make up for losses.

The Ukrainian army has stated that Russia is now getting former soldiers to join its war effort and make up for heavy losses it has suffered in its Ukraine invasion. Military officials have been actively recruiting former servicemen particularly “those who already have combat experience”, the Ukrainian military said in an operational update posted Wednesday morning, March 23 on Facebook.

The Ukraine military also claimed that Russian forces “in particular directions were demoralised”, while Ukraine continues to hold the line in various parts of the country, including the eastern and southern regions. It added that it was conducting a “circular defence” in Mariupol – a strategic port city where over 100,000 residents are said to be trapped without access to food and medicines.

According to US, UK and NATO intelligence agencies, Russian advance in Ukraine is continuing to stall, with troops digging in and reinforcing defensive positions with reports by Reuters saying Russian forces have not staged any large assaults this week.

The Ukrainian army also said there were active efforts by Russia to increase Russian and Belarussian military equipment along the Ukrainian border.

Belarus has supported Russia since the war started but it’s not yet clear if they have deployed troops against Ukraine .

The morning update also added that Ukraine was verifying reports that opponents of the war in Belarus, have partially removed the railway connection between their country and Ukraine.

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