Ukraine’s deadliest female sniper, who killed three Russians in one night, has vowed to confront Putin if he sends Russian soldiers into the country.

As concerns of an invasion grow, a female Ukrainian sharpshooter who has killed at least ten people while fighting pro-Russian separatists has pledged to take on Putin’s forces.

Olena Bilozerska, a battle-hardened soldier who has already battled in the contested Donbas, east Ukraine, in blown-up houses and trenches, insists she is eager to do it all over again to protect her country.

“You pick up a weapon against my country, that’s it, you’re a target,” she says. He might kill you or one of your comrades if you don’t take him out in time.


“When I don’t shoot in time and the target hides, I get furious at myself for squandering my opportunity. And if the objective is struck, I get a sense of satisfaction from a job well done.

She claims she is unconcerned about the lives of those she has slain and threatens to do it again.

She declares: “Does the adversary consider whether I have a spouse, parents, or children as he crawls towards our position to kill me?


“Of course not,” says the narrator. I also don’t waste my time on frivolous matters. That kind of thing belongs in books and movies.

“Anyone who thinks along those lines in battle is already dead in real life.”

Olena Bilozerska rose to prominence in 2017 after a video of her commenting on the “bastards” she murders while coldly firing rounds at them went viral.

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