Vladimir Putin, who is becoming increasingly desperate, may attack a NATO facility in order to prevent arms from reaching Ukrainian soldiers.

A senior British security officer has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin may contemplate striking a NATO facility in order to halt the delivery of armaments to Ukraine.

Putin is becoming “increasingly desperate to choke off the flow of armaments” to Ukraine, according to Lord Ricketts, the UK Government’s first national security adviser.

Lord Ricketts even stated that Putin could launch an attack on NATO planes or convoys approaching the nation.

He believes the conflict will devolve into a “angry standoff,” in which Russia will retain control of a big portion of the nation and Ukraine will refuse to agree to a cease-fire.

He also warned that the struggle may linger as a guerilla war, like a “open wound in the middle of Europe,” for “years and years.”

‘I suppose what President Putin wants us to fear is that he would want to deploy a nuclear weapon in Ukraine, which would be a significant escalation and assure Russia’s isolation around the world,’ he told the BBC on April 17.

‘More likely, I believe they’re searching for a means to stop or limit the flow of armaments into Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to continue operating.’

‘As a result, we might see assaults on convoys or planes bringing arms in from the west.’

‘I believe they’re searching for a means to stop or limit the flow of armaments into Ukraine while keeping the Ukrainian Armed Forces operational,’ he said.

Lord Ricketts’ warning comes as Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, stated that winning any territory in the Donbas region is crucial for Russia.

‘This is why it’s critical for us to not allow them, to stand our position,’ he told CNN. ‘Because this battle… it has the potential to change the direction of the entire war.’

‘I have little faith in Russia’s military and government.

‘That is why we recognize that just because we beat them off and they fled, from Kyiv — from the north, from Chernihiv, and in that direction — doesn’t mean that if they capture Donbas, they won’t come even closer to Kyiv.’

In addition, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has encouraged the West to prepare for a nuclear assault by Russian President Vladimir Putin. If the Russian leader’s conflict drags on any longer, he said, he may consider tactical attacks.

‘We should not wait for Russia to decide to use nuclear weapons… ‘We need to be ready for that,’ he said.

‘Chemical weapons, they should do it, they could do it; the lives of the people are meaningless to them.’ That is the reason.

‘We should not be terrified, not be afraid, but be ready,’ says the author. But that is not a question for Ukraine, and it is a question for the entire world.’

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