Von Miller, an NFL player, is being sued for reportedly giving two celebrities a sexually graphic photo of a woman.

Von Miller, a newly signed Buffalo Bills linebacker, is being sued in Los Angeles for reportedly texting ‘two well-known celebrities’ private, sexually graphic images of a lady in 2020.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the lady, named as ‘Jane Doe,’ claims she and Miller were dating in 2020 when they took photographs of themselves engaged in’sexual acts,’ with the agreement that the photos would stay private.

Miller allegedly shared the’sexually explicit’ images with two unidentified celebrities ‘in a fit of envy, fury, and rage,’ according to the lady. Miller’s reported jealousy is unknown, as are the circumstances surrounding it.

‘Is this the b**** you’re looking for?’ Miller is said to have asked the question in a 2020 text message that included a sexually explicit photo of Jane Doe. ‘Dawg, you can have her.’

‘Is this the b**** you’re looking for?’ Miller inquired in another text message, which included a sexually explicit photo of Jane Doe.

The lady is demanding monetary damages and a court order that Miller stop disseminating the claimed images of her.

Jane Doe’s lawyer described her case as an attempt to hold the wealthy and well-known accountable for their behavior.

The lawsuit stated, “[Celebrities and professional athletes] believe laws do not apply because of fame, money, and power.”

‘However, professional players are not immune from the law, and Miler’s vengeful, manipulative, and illegal behavior should not be overlooked.’

Miller is in his 11th NFL season, having previously won championships with the Rams and the Denver Broncos. Last season, the Dallas native and Texas A&M graduate had 8.5 sacks and 49 tackles for the Cowboys.

According to Spotrac.com, he has made more than $144 million in his ten-year career.

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