A burglar enters a house, takes a bath, eats and drinks, and then leaves $200 to repair a damaged window.

An armed intruder broke into a residence in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and ate shrimp, drank beer, and took a bath before apologizing and leaving $200 to repair the damaged window.

According to court documents obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican from Santa Fe County Magistrate Court, Santa Fe Police rushed to a location on Sunday after a man reported entering his home only to discover Teral Christesson, 34, there with an AR-style rifle.

According to the caller, When Christesson came, he was drinking beer and eating shrimp.

According to records, the intruder apologized to the homeowner, explaining that he needed a warm place to sleep and placed $200 on a chair before packing his gun in a duffel bag and silently leaving.

Christesson is suspected of breaking into the property through a shattered window. According to The New Mexican, the homeowner estimates that replacing the window will cost $200.

According to The Albuquerque Journal, the homeowner told police that “the male was really humiliated and sorry about the circumstance.”

“His family was slaughtered in east Texas, and he was running from someone,” Christesson stated when asked why he was in the house.

He told the man he had been driving but his car had broken down about 100 miles outside of Santa Fe.

The home invader was arrested the next day after he tried to steal a woman’s car at gunpoint at a Church’s Chicken restaurant in Santa Fe, according to a criminal complaint.

Man breaks into home, takes?his bath, eats and drinks, then?leaves $200 for broken window

The woman told detectives she was in the drive-thru queue waiting for her food when Christesson allegedly approached her car door and demanded she get out because he was stealing it. After honking her horn, Christesson bolted.

He was apprehended by authorities later that day while going down a street.

According to court filings, Christesson told police he was “stuck in a blizzard” on Sunday and broke into the house to avoid hypothermia, according to The New Mexican.

He admitted that he “felt awful” for smashing the window.

For the Sunday break-in, he was charged with aggravated burglary, larceny, and criminal damage to property, as well as aggravated assault for the attempted carjacking.


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