A couple uses a dating app to entice a businessman before stealing him and burying him alive.

A couple lured a wealthy businessman to his death by tricking him on a dating app.

Candy Arrieta, 34, and her 35-year-old partner Mohamed Achraf, dubbed the Badoo killers, found businessman Jose Antonio Delgado Fresnedo, 54, on the dating app Badoo.

Candy Arrieta created a profile on the dating app and began chatting with the businessman.

Couple lure businessman with dating app before robbing him and burying him alive

An investigation found that the victim went to Luceni in Zaragoza Province, Spain, to meet Arrieta after arranging a meeting on the dating app Badoo.

However, instead of Candy Arrieta meeting him, her partner Achraf approached Delgado Fresnedo and beat him before stealing his personal belongings and his Mercedes 220.

The couple then took Delgado Fresnedo to the town of Pedrola where they lived and had a workshop.

Couple lure businessman with dating app before robbing him and burying him alive

They forced the businessman to hand up his bank cards and passwords, and when he refused, they beat him. They assaulted him with blunt objects after that.

The following day, Achraf listed the victim’s Mercedes on an online auction site and agreed to a price of €21,000 with a buyer. He is said to have sent a €11,000 deposit.

The victim was assaulted and tortured before being thrown in the back of a car and driven to Barranco del Lobo, where the defendants dug a hole and buried him alive.

His body was discovered thanks to an ankle bracelet he was obliged to wear after allegedly assaulting his ex-wife.

An autopsy revealed Delgado Fresnedo had suffered a concussion and was hospitalized.

Candy Arrieta and Mohamed Achraf have been jailed in Zaragoza, Spain, for kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and burying alive Delgado Fresnedo.

The judge sentenced them both to 25 years in prison for murder, six years for kidnapping, and three for fraud.

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