A Texas parent ordered that a biography of Michelle Obama be removed from schools because it “would make white girls feel humiliated.”

A Texas parent demanded that a children’s biography on former first lady Michelle Obama be removed from school libraries because it was unjust to former President Donald Trump, according to the parent.

According to NBC News, the parent objected to Heather E. Schwartz’s book “Michelle Obama: Political Icon,” stating it “unfairly” depicted Trump “as a bully.”

The book about Obama, according to a parent in Katy, Texas, gave the sense that “if you sound like a white girl, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

The request comes as conservatives in the United States have stepped up their inspection of books representing race, sexuality, and gender, with many calling for select works to be removed from school libraries.

NBC News published a list of 50 books that parents in Texas have asked schools to remove on Wednesday, February 2.

The Katy Independent School District began removing books from the shelf in December after parents complained about their profanity, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Schwartz, the author of Michelle Obama’s biography, told Insider she was “surprise” that her book was being considered for a ban because it “is a nonfiction book that does not strike me as at all contentious.”

After the complaint, the Katy Independent School District investigated the book and decided it would not be deleted, according to Maria Corrales DiPetta, a spokesman for the district. Even if only one parent challenges a book, it is reviewed by the district.

“As an author, a reader, and a parent, I’m against book banning on principle,” said Schwartz, the author of the Obama biography.

“Reading words on a page is the safest way for kids to learn about tough things, develop fresh views, and explore the world and their role in it.”

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