According to a royal expert, Queen Elizabeth feels Prince Andrew is innocent and requested him to attend her to Prince Philip’s burial service.

Allowing Prince Andrew to accompany her to Prince Philip’s funeral ceremony demonstrated that the Queen ‘believes he’s innocent’ and is still determined to’make her own judgments,’ according to a royal expert.

Vanity Fair’s Royal Editor Katie Nicholl, speaking on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, said the Queen knew what she was doing and wanted to show that she still’makes the decisions.’

The monarch has been limiting her public appearances owing to mobility concerns since the beginning of the year, but her biographer Robert Hardman recently highlighted that she remains ‘absolutely pin-sharp as ever,’ and she appears to want to make that obvious.

Queen Elizabeth believes Prince Andrew is innocent and asked him to accompany her at Prince Philip

His major participation on Tuesday came only weeks after he and his rape victim Virginia Giuffre reached a multi-million-pound settlement, which he has always denied.

Following his final formal outing for his father’s memorial, he was deprived of his military honors and royal patronages and informed by Prince Charles that he would be ordered to ‘disappear’ from public life.

‘This was the Queen’s way of demonstrating two things: one, that she is in charge and makes the decisions, and second, that she believes he is innocent.’

Katie stated, ‘She made her point very, very clearly.’

‘However, Charles and William were well aware of the viewpoint and optics of the situation.

‘Unfortunately, what should have been a memorial to a great man has been overrun by this photo [of Prince Andrew escorting the Queen].’

Katie went on to say that both Prince William and Prince Charles were opposed to Prince Andrew accompanying the Queen to the service. ‘They were aware of the outcome…’

The Queen’s choice to allow Prince Andrew to accompany her to her late husband’s funeral service was intended to demonstrate that she is still the Royal Family’s key decision maker.

Duncan Larcombe, a royal biographer and journalist, claimed on the show that the act of defiance was meant to convey that “we’re not going to lock him in the cupboard.”

‘This is the first big set piece royal event since Prince Andrew resolved his lawsuit, and it’s a way of getting it out of the way – we’re not going to lock him in a cupboard, he’s at his father’s memorial ceremony, and of course he’d be there,’ he explained.

‘However, I believe the Queen made a really daring decision.’ Let’s not forget that the man she’s standing next to is a pariah in our country right now.’

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