According to a study, wearing ladies pantyhose over a face mask improves the effectiveness of the mask in preventing the spread of Covid.

According to new research, wearing ladies tights, often known as pantyhose, on your face may lower your risk of contracting Covid.

This comes as more people criticize face covers, claiming that they don’t fit snugly enough to prevent virus particles from being ingested or exhaled.

Cambridge University scientists studied the usage of rubber bands, tape, and pantyhose to build masks for better on the favorite and discovered that wrapping pantyhose around the bottom half of the face — on top of a mask — was the most successful method.

Putting ladies pantyhose over your face mask makes it better at stopping spread of Covid, study finds

Scientists claim that by covering the crevices around the nose and mouth, this could lower virus particles by up to seven times more than a loose mask on its own.

According to the article, tight-fitting medical grade masks, such as KN95s, are effective at blocking out the virus but are typically reported as uncomfortable and difficult to obtain. Surgical or cotton masks, on the other hand, are significantly less virus resistant but are cheaper and more available.

Putting ladies pantyhose over your face mask makes it better at stopping spread of Covid, study finds

Cambridge researchers recruited four volunteers to attempt seven different mask hacks on the KN95 mask and surgical mask to see how effective they are. Wrapping various kinds of panyhose around the head on top of the mask and knotting the ear loops on the masks were among them. They also use fabric tape to adhere the mask to the face and three rubber bands to create a ‘brace’ around the nose and mouth. First-aid gauze was wrapped around the volunteers’ heads to tighten the mask’s fit, as well as gauze placed into gaps inside the mask.

Participants conducted seven minutes of varied tasks aimed to imitate real-world interactions while wearing each mask and hack combination.

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