After a 12-year ban for cocaine use, an ex-Serie A striker returns to the game.

Francesco Flachi, a former Italian Serie A striker, has returned to the pitch with Signa, a non-professional league team in Italy’s fifth level, for his first competitive game since serving a 12-year sentence for cocaine use.

Flachi, 46, was a Sampdoria player when he was banned for two years in 2007 after testing positive for cocaine. His contract was terminated by the club, and he returned to the field after two years.

He tested positive for cocaine again after six months with his new club Brescia, and received a 12-year ban that was just lifted.

Flachi started the game on Sunday, February 13 and played 30 minutes

Ex-Serie A striker returns to football after 12-year ban for cocaine

Former Sampdoria coach Walter Novellino was in attendance and snapped a photo with a former player at the conclusion of the game.

“I was dazed before the game, and I haven’t slept in a week due to the excitement,” Flachi stated after the game.

“I am overjoyed right now, and I want to thank everyone who is helping me reclaim my footballing identity.”

“Let’s see what happens now that the voyage has begun.” In May, I’ll start a coaching program.”

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