After being detained in Miami, Polo G was seen yelling in a holding cell.

Body cam footage of rapper Polo G’s 2021 arrest has been released by Miami Police.

It was reported at the time that Polo G was arrested right after his “The Goat” album release party, with both cops and the Chicago-bred rapper claiming they were roughed up in the process.

TMZ reported that charges of Resisting an Officer Without Violence were later dropped after Polo completed anger management classes and the newly released footage shows why those were probably necessary.

Polo G seen mouthing off in holding cell after being arrested in Miami

An officer was spotted at some point in the video inside a police cruiser using his computer. Polo on the other hand, was seen yelling at him off-camera about his career choices in becoming a cop.

Polo’s insults seem to roll off the officer, but then their convo touches on an all-too-real scenario of a cop being killed in the line of duty, leaving his kids fatherless.

Later in the video, Polo is seen getting medical aid as he pleads his case, claiming cops caused him to “blackout” when they first apprehended him. Meanwhile, cops alleged Polo was kicking their car like a madman during the arrest.

Polo’s mother/manager Stacia Mac gave a play-by-play commentary of the chaotic incident at the time, claiming her son was racially profiled following the party.

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