After striking an opponent with a terrible elbow that required 24 stitches in the hospital, a footballer was fired (Video)

After assaulting an opponent with a devastating Muay Thai elbow, a Thai footballer was fired by his club in Bangkok.

In the fifth minute of stoppage time in a third division match, Aitsaret Noichaiboon was seen on camera hitting Supasan Ruangsuphanimit of North Bangkok University.

When Ruangsuphanimit ran after the ball after it had gone out for a throw-in, he accidentally clipped the heels of Noichaiboon.

After that, Noichaiboon spun around and pursued his opponent, striking him in the face.


The referee promptly dismissed him, and Ruangsuphanimit required 24 stitches in the hospital.

Bangkok has already fired Noichaiboon, citing a statement in which the club stated: ‘Bangkok FC would like to take a stand and not endorse the action.’

‘The player’s contract has been terminated by the club.

‘The club wishes to offer its regrets for the occurrence and will do all necessary to prevent it from happening again,’ said the statement.

‘He has received a physical examination at Bangpakok-Rangsit 2 Hospital after player No 6 of the Bangkok FC club purposely hit his face,’ Ruangsuphanimit’s squad claimed.

‘After seeing a doctor, they discovered a significant wound on the upper lip.’ As a result, the doctor sewed a total of 24 stitches to cover the wound.

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