After Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars in 2022, Chris Rock is consoled by A-list pals.

After Will Smith smacked him during the Oscars on Sunday night, Chris Rock was consoled by fellow comedians Wanda Sykes and Sacha Baron Cohen at a glamorous party.

Rock remained collected as he was approached by a slew of astonished A-listers expressing their support, according to guests at music manager Guy Oseary’s home.

“Chris was quite calm, and there was a lot of love for him at that gathering,” one spy stated.

“For the night, Wanda Sykes was his wingwoman. People rushed up to console him and provide support as he sat at Guy’s dining table.”

We’re told that Rock, who enraged Smith by making an alopecia joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, also went out with Woody Harrelson and Sacha Baron Cohen.

“At the Oscars, it’s expected that the guests will be mocked by the comics, and that’s exactly what happens. What about Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes? He skewered the entire room, and he could have been punched by dozens of people if it hadn’t been for the fact that he wasn’t punched.”

The LAPD called Rock’s management team to inquire if he wanted to file a police report, but “he didn’t want to hear of it,” according to the source.

Rock even posed alongside Woody Harrelson, Robert De Niro, and Oseary for photos. A slew of celebrities liked the Instagram image, with many using the hashtag #teamchrisrock.

The source added the astonishing incident was “the talk of the party,” adding it was all the more surprising because Rock produced the 2009 documentary “Good Hair” about black American women’s hair and the pressure to have “good hair.”

Yet Rock remained unfazed and stayed at the starry bash until well past 2:30 a.m. Meanwhile, Smith partied at the Vanity Fair bash.

A second source added, “There was some concern that Will Smith would show up at Guy’s party, and there was a discussion about what to do to keep them apart. Thankfully Will didn’t show up.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars 2022.

“After the confrontation, Will and Chris didn’t get to clear the air – Chris left the Oscars ceremony right away and went to Guy Oseary’s house.”

Following the program, Sean “Diddy” Combs told Page Six that the two had worked out their differences.

He told us, “It’s all love.” “They’re brothers,” says the narrator.

Taylor Swift, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Billie Eilish, Zoe Kravitz, Shawn Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Andrew Garfield, Olivia Colman, Jason Momoa, Amy Schumer, Jessica Chastain, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Peter Sarsgaard were among those that attended Oseary’s party.

Pedro Almodovar, Rita Ora, Taika Waititi, Larry David, Trevor Noah, Janelle Monae, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Sienna Miller, Cooper Hoffman, Alana Haim, Elliot Page, and John Leguizamo are among the cast members.


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