“Black women are unconcerned about who black males date. Just don’t make fun of us in the process.” As Christian Obumseli’s family begs for support from the “community,” actress Tami Roman writes.

The Black community has reacted negatively to a comment made by Jeff Obumseli, the elder brother of murdered Christian Toby Obumseli.

Jeff said his late brother’s derogatory remarks against black women were “ignorant and ugly.” He went on to say that his family needed “community” support to get justice for his brother, who was stabbed to death by his white girlfriend in their Miami condo on April 3, 2022.

Actress Tamisha Akbar, better known as Tami Roman, responded to Jeff’s cry for help by advising black men to “bridle their mouths” when discussing black women.

She went on to say that black women don’t mind if black men date women of other races, but they do ask that they don’t belittle and degrade black women because they prefer white women.

Please see her comment below.

"Black women don

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