Bruno Fernandes, according to Rio Ferdinand, is the only Manchester United acquisition who has progressed over the last ten years.

Rio Ferdinand, a Manchester United icon, has said that Bruno Fernandes is the club’s sole signing who has improved over the last ten years, while criticizing the club’s recruitment method and ability to nurture players.

To have a chance of excelling on the pitch in the future, he believes the Premier League giants must ‘get the culture of the football club correct.’

He also said that only one signing in the last decade, Bruno Fernandes of Portugal, has helped the club.

Manchester United are presently eighth in the rankings and, following their stunning defeat to Everton over the weekend, are unlikely to qualify for the Champions League next season.

‘When you look at it, Man United – you can talk about training grounds and all that stuff, but please, you’ve got to get the football thing right,’ Ferdinand remarked on his FIVE YouTube channel.

‘You have to get the football club’s culture correct, and you have to get the players you recruit right.’

‘And how many of the players who have been coming to this football club for the last eight or ten years, if you were to make a list of all of them on paper, have truly risen in value or improved?’

‘I would 100% agree with that,’ Ferdinand remarked when asked if Fernandes was the only player to improve at Manchester United.

‘I’m not aware of any others who have shown up, and you truly think to yourself, “Oh, he’s actually miles better!” We’ll get him more money now!” There isn’t any.

‘And it comes down to coaching and recruitment, so those areas need to be dramatically improved for us to be able to develop.’

‘Because you might go in and purchase three or four players this window, but if we keep continuing in the same direction as before, those guys you bring in would be decreasing rather than improving and improving your squad – so that needs to change.’

Manchester United are hoping to employ Erik ten Hag as their full-time manager, believing that he can help the team recover from a string of poor performances.

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