Camila Cabello criticizes photographers for taking beach photos, saying, “I’ve never had a worse time.”

Camila Cabello is blaming the paparazzi for ruining her Miami beach getaway over the weekend.

The singer claimed she “didn’t breathe” and “held her core so tight her abs hurt” while paparazzi snapped her in a bikini from all angles in a lengthy Instagram post released on Saturday.

Cabello, 25, said in her essay, “I’ve felt very vulnerable and unprepared – I’ve worn bikinis that were too little and paid no attention to how I looked, then seen photographs online and comments and been so sad.”

“When it harmed my self-esteem, I told myself that I was thinking the culture’s thoughts, not my own,” she continued. “A culture that has become accustomed to an ideal of a ‘healthy’ woman’s physique that is absolutely unattainable for many women.”

Camila Cabello at the beach.

Cabello, who is set to release her third studio album, “Familia,” on April 8, explained that she is a “single woman in her 20s in the middle of a s—t ton of [album] hype” who simply wanted to “look ‘beautiful.'”

“Today I grabbed a new bikini, a full f–kin nice dress, wore lip gloss on, and didn’t eat anything too heavy before getting in the OCEAN because I knew it was basically going to be an entire photoshoot,” she revealed, referring to her animal print two-piece.

“I couldn’t let go and relax and do what we’re supposed to do when we go out into nature because I held my core so tight my abs hurt, I didn’t breathe, I barely smiled, and I was so self-conscious of where the paps were the whole time that I couldn’t let go and relax and do what we’re supposed to do when we go out into nature.”

Camila Cabello at the beach.

The former “Fifth Harmony” singer ended her letter by telling fans that she wants to “go back to feeling like 7 year old myself on the beach,” when she was “happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, FREE.”

“I’ve never had a worse time at the beach,” she added. I haven’t reached the stage in my trip where I can’t care less.”

Cabello’s renowned friends were quick to respond with messages of love and support in the comments section.

Fellow singer Kesha, 35, added, “Ur a f—ing queen and are perfect.” “I also mention that when we starve ourselves, the patriarchy prevails… and for what?” NAH. Thank you for your forthrightness.”

“I feel you and am sending all the love and happy vibes your way,” Lily Collins, star of “Emily In Paris,” wrote on Twitter.

The songstress later sat down on a beach chair while rocking a yellow and black bikini with a white shirt.

Paris Hilton, on the other hand, admits that the post “made [her] cry.”

“Thank you for writing this,” she said, “it’s really essential for people to hear.” “You are stunning on the inside and out.”

The “Seorita” singer is no stranger to talking about her body image issues. Cabello turned to TikTok last summer to share a video titled I luv my body.”

“Being at battle with your body is so last season,” she said, telling fans that despite being fat-shamed while out on a run, she was embracing her curves.

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