Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina have won a defamation action stemming from a beach brawl.

According to TMZ, the rapper and her sister, reality personality Hennessy Carolina, recently won a defamation case brought against them by three persons who were involved in a fight with Carolina in The Hamptons in September 2020.

The three plaintiffs claimed Carolina and her companions stopped and blocked one of their vehicles, according to a complaint filed in Suffolk County at the time and acquired by Billboard. Carolina began filming the argument and allegedly began “shouting abusive and threatening words and defamatory accusations” when the plaintiff wearing a MAGA hat approached the driver — Carolina’s girlfriend.

The group said that the “Love & Hip Hop” alum called them “racist MAGA fans,” taking issue with being called bigots on TV.

Hennessy Carolina.

They also claimed that Carolina and Cardi — who shared the footage online because she thought her sister was being targeted as a gay, Afro-Latina woman — edited the clips “to remove portions thereof, and thus hold plaintiffs in a false light, so as to tend to expose and in fact expose each plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule, disgrace, and harm.”

Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina.

The defamation, assault, and battery case was dismissed by a New York trial judge, who said Carolina’s remarks were too vague and didn’t reach to the level of slander.

Cardi’s defamation action against gossip blogger Tasha K was settled two months ago, with a Georgia jury paying the “Be Careful” singer $1.25 million in damages after two weeks of deliberation.


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