DaBaby appears to be aggressively kissing an indifferent admirer in the video.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, rapper DaBaby attempted to compel a disinterested fan to kiss him before turning away at the last moment.

The video appears to show the 30-year-old North Carolina rapper approaching a gathering of fans outside of a concert, hugging a few before allegedly seizing a woman’s head and pulling it towards his own at least twice in an attempt to lock lips. The fan drew back, obstructing the MC’s stunned expression.

DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, reposted the video on his Instagram Stories on Thursday, captioning it, “Y’all Go head on man,” with a laughing emoji.

“Me and my booboos love one other to death, but there ain’t no kissin going on,” he continued.


It also appears he may have stumbled after the interaction, just as the clip cuts off.

The footage is reported to have been filmed in February.


DaBaby has developed a reputation for close interactions with his fans, welcoming one onstage to grind on the “Suge” artist during a January concert in Boston.

The controversial performer was seen lying on a bed as the woman jumped on top of him in front of hundreds of fans at the House of Blues.DaBaby

A shirtless DaBaby, wearing nothing but a black hat and gold jewelry, grabbed her behind as money rained down from the ceiling in the clip he shared to Instagram at the time.

“Had to wait on the kids to go bed to post this one,” he captioned the video. “I love you girl. Just like I told you in person. You and every other fan that don’t give a f–k just like me, WE THEM ONES! The world gone adapt when they ready.”


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