Despite’reappearing on the club website,’ Manchester United maintains that Mason Greenwood is still suspended.

Despite reports that he has been re-added to the club’s website and may make a surprise return to the team, Mason Greenwood remains unavailable for selection by Manchester United. After being detained on suspicion of rape, assault, and threats to kill, the 20-year-old English striker was banned by the club at the end of January. The England international was eventually released on bail by Greater Manchester Police.

The allegations of rape and assault leveled by his 19-year-old girlfriend sparked widespread outrage, with Nike suspending its sponsorship relationship with Greenwood and United removing all products related with him from their online store.

He has also been deleted from the FIFA 22 and Football Manager 2022 video games, as well as from United’s app.

However, on Wednesday evening, March 31, social media claims surfaced claiming that Greenwood had been re-added to the club’s website, with his image appearing under the first-team squad and player pages.

However, United has now disclosed that Greenwood was never removed from the website in the first place, and that he was simply removed from the app to protect him from interactive components. He will not be returning to the United squad anytime soon, according to the club. ‘Manchester United reiterates its unequivocal denunciation of all forms of violence.

Mason Greenwood will not train or play for the club until further notice, as previously announced.’

Greenwood hasn’t played for United since a Premier League match against West Ham on January 22, just a week before the claims were made public.

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