Destinee LaShaee, star of ‘My 600-Lb. Life,’ has died at the age of 30.

Destinee LaShaee of TLC’s “My 600-Lb. Life” has passed away, according to their brother, who shared the news on Facebook on Tuesday. The trans star, who used the pronouns “they/them,” was 30 years old.

Wayne Compton, LaShaee’s brother, posted beside images of their family, “No no no I’m sorry bro.” “I accept you for who you are, with all of your flaws, and I’m sorry you felt alone, that you felt you had no one else to turn to [sic], that you felt you had no other choice.” Lord, why do you keep taking my siblings away, how much can I take?” “Destiny wouldn’t of [sic] wanted this, why do you keep taking my siblings away, how much can I take?”

“Our sincere sympathies go out to Destinee’s family and loved ones at this sad time,” the network said in a statement to People.

A cause of death has not been revealed.

LaShanee became the first transgender participant of the reality show during their time on Season 7, which aired in 2019.

They also went by their birth name, Matthew Ventress.

LaShanee started the show at 669 pounds and lost 229 pounds in a year, owing in part to gastric sleeve surgery. After finishing the show, they kept up their good practices and became a social media influencer, sharing their weight reduction story with their fans.

While on the show, the reality star admitted to dealing with depression and that they had developed a habit of eating food to self-soothe.

Destinee LaShaee

“All I do is lay here and wait for meals all day.” They claimed in a Season 7 episode, “I don’t see any of my relatives and friends unless they come to see me.” “At this point, I feel like all I’m doing is trying to get away from my melancholy and agony.” I’m afraid the only thing I can do is eat. It’s killing me,” says the narrator.

“I need to be able to seek help, I need to drop this weight or they’re going to bury me next because I don’t think I’ll be able to live till next year being this huge,” LaShaee stated. I’m giving myself a couple of months at this rate.”

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