“Divorce feels like suffocation,” Kanye West says of divorce, as Kim Kardashian announces her single status.

Kanye West has taken to Instagram to disclose what a divorce feels like.

The rapper, whose wife was recently declared legally single amid their divorce case, deleted every single post on his Instagram account, leaving just one post about divorce.


"Divorce feels like suffocating" Kanye West shares how he feels about divorce as Kim Kardashian is declared single

The post reads: “Divorce feels like full blown Covid.

“Divorce feels like your doctor don’t know shit.

“Divorce feels like you’re walking on glass.

“Divorce feels like you’re running through a glass wall.

“Divorce feels like you’re being bullied in a class hall.

“Divorce feels like you’re getting beat up in the mall.

“Divorce feels like your hand was burned on the stove.

“Divorce feels like your soul was dragged over coals.

“Divorce feels like grandma never got over that cold.

“Divorce feels like the first play of the super bowl and your ankle rolls.

“Divorce feels like your kids were snatched from your control.

“Divorce feels like you’ve been shot and traffic is slow.

“Divorce feels like heavy breathing.

“Divorce feels like suffocating. Barely breathing.

“Divorce feels like you’re receiving a spiritual beating every evening.

“Divorce feels like you worked overtime all week and you ain’t allowed off for the weekend.

“Divorce feels like you got broken into.

“Divorce feels like you got broken in a thousand pieces.

“Divorce feels like you’ve been set on fire for your truth then labeled a liar.

“Divorce feels like Michael Myers.

“Divorce feels like your teeth being pulled with pliers.

“Divorce feels like slower than paint and dryer.

“Divorce feels like nails in your hand.

“Divorce feels like walking in on your bride and your best man.

“Divorce feels like you can’t sit or stand.

“Divorce feels like you can’t breathe.

“Divorce feels like you can’t stay or leave.

“Divorce feels like a funeral a miscarriage a broken leg.

“Divorce feels like you gave everyone away and you don’t have the right to have anything to say.

“Who are you to have an opinion on your own life. You are not you anymore.  You’re what’s left of you. Michael Jackson said it best. You’re a vegetable, You’re a vegetable, You’re the real Cosby, Not a Huxtable.”


"Divorce feels like suffocating" Kanye West shares how he feels about divorce as Kim Kardashian is declared single

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