During a trip, a passenger was arrested for reportedly rapping a woman in business class.

A woman in business class was allegedly raped by an airline passenger.

On the journey from Newark, New Jersey, to London, a British passenger is accused of forcing the woman to have sex as others slept.

During the flight, his claimed victim reported to United Airlines cabin crew, who called ahead to report the charges to police.

On Monday, January 31, at 6.30 a.m., Met officers boarded the plane at Heathrow Terminal 2.

The 40-year-old male was detained and escorted off the plane on suspicion of rape.

He was arrested and transferred to Heathrow police station, where he was given dabs, a mugshot, and a DNA saliva sample.

The upscale cabin was subjected to a thorough forensic search by officers. The individual was later released on bail following further investigation.

The woman, who was also 40 years old and British, was transported to a rape counselling facility and questioned by expert officers. The Sun has the story.

The arrest and investigation were confirmed by a Met Police spokesman.

The two were reportedly sitting in separate rows in business class, but had previously been speaking and drinking together in a lounge area.

“The woman said she was raped by the passenger throughout the trip when others were sleeping,” a source told the publication.

“She was upset and told cabin crew, who radioed ahead to police, who were waiting when the plane touched down.

“The parties were presumably unfamiliar with each other before to the journey, but they were spotted talking and drinking together before and during the flight.

“He allegedly raped her after that, and she was believed to be in a lot of pain.

“The incident was taken extremely seriously by the police, and forensic officers conducted a comprehensive investigation of the section of the plane where it was reported to have occurred.

“Officers boarded the plane and arrested the man before transporting him.”

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