Ed Sheeran gets £5 million a year from his Shape of You song, which is at the center of his copyright case.

According to the High Court, Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You song, which is at the center of his copyright case, earns him and his co-writers £5 million a year.

The number would have been higher if nearly 10% of payments from the No. 1 hit Shape Of You from 2017 hadn’t been frozen.

When the disagreement began in 2018, the Performing Rights Society put a hold on some payments.

Revenues from streaming services, on the other hand, could not be targeted.

The ‘Oh I’ hook in Sheeran’s hit is a rip-off of Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue’s song Oh Why, which was published two years prior.

Shape Of You, on the other hand, contains ‘distinctive differences,’ according to a music expert who testified in court yesterday.

According to forensic musicologist Anthony Ricigliano, any similarities between the two songs are unlikely to be the consequence of copying.

‘The prospect of autonomous production is… very improbable,’ according to another musicologist, Christian Siddell.

Sheeran and his co-writers deny any plagiarism charges. The investigation is still ongoing.

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